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1st, 2nd and 4th overall.
Another great championship result for Batt Sails in the Squib Class

At the close of a tricky week Squib 136 “Ric’O’Shea” and Squib 11 “Squib” were tied on 14 points. The tie was broken in Ric’O’Shea’s favour and therefore Josh Metcalf and Mark Hogan are this year’s deserving UK National Champions.

Dick Batt and Pam Phelan took the runners-up spot in ‘Squib’  and Batt Sails’ dominence at this event was cemented by Alan Johnson and Dave Garlick finishing a comfortable 4th overall in ‘Cariad Bach’.

These three Squibs all use Batt sails exclusively and it is worth noting that Batt Sails have been used to win all but two of the past seventeen UK National Championships.

Batt sails were also used by the reigning Irish National Champion and the current  Northern Irish Champion.

Every ‘Batt’ sail is designed, cut and manufactured in the UK at our Bosham sail loft.