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Devon Yawl sails from the Batt sail loft are fast and beautifully made to the highest standards from the finest materials.


The Devon Yawl is a direct one-design spin-off from the long established Salcombe Yawls, which continue to grace that South Devon estuary having provided cut-throat racing for many generations.

Batt Sails have long been involved with the Devon Yawl class. More recently they have emerged as the winning choice for many Salcombe Yawl owners, seeking an edge over the opposition as the driving force in this intensley competitive development class.

Modern sailmaking technology means that the lessons learned in the Salcombe Yawl fleet can be directly invested  in our designs for the Devon Yawl. This has spawned modern, fresh sail designs which match extraordinary ability right through the wind rang with a deceptive ease in terms of tune and trim. An exciting combination.






All our sail making is kept in-house for the closest control of quality and consistency. The current Devon Yawl  sails were all designed on our 3D CAD system and are computer cut for enduring precision and repeatability.

Materials and finishing detail are subject to similar measures to maintain the Class’s One-Design objectives.

Supplied complete with:

  • Radial reinforcement
  • Race numbers
  • Class Insignia
  • BlueStreak comp battens
  • Telltails
  • Windows
  • Lightweight sleeve bags