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OK Dinghy sails from the Batt sail loft are fast and beautifully made to the highest standards from the finest materials, the result of a long association with this amazing Class.

  • Radial Construction
  • Race numbers
  • Class Insignia
  • Camber stripes
  • BlueStreak comp battens
  • Telltails
  • X-ply window
  • Lightweight sleeve bag
All our sail making is kept in-house for the closest control of quality and consistency. The current OK Dinghy sails were all designed on our 3D CAD system and are computer cut for enduring precision and repeatability.

Contender RS25 Polykote Dacron delivers stability and adjustability through proven radial constructions that lock in the shapes from our in-house CAD design systems. Sails are supplied complete with numbers, class logo, camber lines and telltails. Luff curves are mapped to match given mast bend numbers and sailor data.