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Batt XOD sails deliver an unusually adaptable and user-friendly rig that shines in Solent or harbour conditions – a winning choice in any company.

  • 2022 designs and specifications
  • Prices includes In-House Certification
  • 50% deposit to confirm the order and fix the prices
  • Balance due on completion
  • A delivery date no later than March 2022, agreed to suit your plans

AUTUMN PRICES (offer ends November 30 2021)

XOD Mainsail               £  930.60 + vat
XOD JIb                       £  462.30 + vat
XOD Spinnaker            £  458.54+ vat
( Any single colour )

Soinnaker price uplift
for more than one colour £28.41 + vat

Every Batt sail is proudly manufactured in the UK


XOD Fleet Running

Batt Sails burst on to the XOD scene at Cowes in 2006, winning the Captains Cup at their very first attempt. Since then they have proved to be reliable, long-lived performers, winning in any conditions at all levels of competition.

Versatile Jibs

The all-round capability of  the Code 2 is beyond question. Simple to set up and to trim, pointing well in all conditions but packing enough punch for open water this is our firm recommendation for all-season perfomance.

The Code 1 is fuller, conceived specifically for the Solent with the power to handle broken water and clean, even shapes that deliver right through the wind range.

These two sails have a reassuringly wide overlap in their strengths, partnered with either mainsail design.

Both jibs in RSQ 555 Polykote dacron, radial reinforcement, x-ply windows. Wire luff or soft luff with safety webbing insert.


The adaptable TLA 18 mainsail is really easy to use.  Responding well to all normal sail controls it changes character very effectively through the wind-range and is well suited to lighter and mid-weight crew combinations.

The more powerful TLA20 main is for the heavier teams and those who have adapted their techniques around a fuller rig.


Super-fast spinnakers have long been a house speciality at Batt Sails.

The DB3 spinnaker  is an exciting recent development, subtley improving an already well-proven design.  It projects its area superbly with bigger shoulders and is right up to maximum size.. The all-radial construction locks in the shape. Bonded seams are airtight and snag-free. Contender Superkote75 ripstop nylon.

The Superlight deploys the same fast shapes in the lightest possible package.  Contender ripstop at the minimum permitted weight, lightweight seams,  the lightest possible finishing detail.

This sail demands a bit more care in handling but is a true delight to use. It revels in challenging light conditions but its all-radial bonded construction gives it wide-ranging capability.