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Yawl sails from the Batt sail loft are fast and beautifully made to the highest standards from the finest materials.

For a number of seasons the principal Salcombe Yawl events have been dominated by Batt Sails, proving again and again the benefits of marrying proven fast sail shapes with exceptional adaptability.¬† More……….

All our sail making is kept in-house for the closest control of quality and consistency. The current Salcombe Yawl  sails were all designed on our in-house 3D CAD system and are computer cut for enduring precision and repeatability.

Full advantage is taken of the Class Rules, optimising the mainsail and jib profiles and providing maximum sail area. The mizzen design is dedicated to minimal drag when close-hauled.

Mainsails are is tailored to the rig style and stiffness, with a special option for lighter teams.


Materials and finishing detail are subject to similar measures.

Supplied complete with:

  • Radial reinforcement
  • Race numbers
  • Class Insignia
  • BlueStreak comp battens
  • Telltails
  • Windows ( as requ’d)
  • Lightweight sleeve bags