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Batt Sails have a wealth of knowledge acquired over many years at the forefront of the UK sailmaking industry.  Every Batt sail is designed, cut and made at our Bosham sail loft offering service, value and attention to detail that are second to none.

Mainsails can have conventional short battens or be fully battened. With short battens the top batten is typically full-width for better sail shape and control. Almost without exception Dacron mainsails and headsails are cross-cut, to make best use of the fabric’s structural weave.

A popular and cost-effective upgrade is to one of the ‘hybrid’ woven fabrics, encorporateing a matrix of vectran or dyneema yarns within a dacron weave.

Laminate sailcloth, including cruising laminates, is warp-strong and requires a radial construction. The exception is the range of multi-axial laminates, configured specifically for cross-cut designs.

Radial-laminated reinforcement at corners and reefs spread loads efficiently into the body of the sail.

All sails have leech lines and where appropriate, a foot line. Mainsail leech lines cleat at each reef.

Mainsails have leech telltails, headsails have luff telltails.

Furling genoas have reef markers. Foam luff and UV leech/foot protection are quoted separately.

Fully-battened mainsails are typically supplied fitted with appropriate luff batten boxes. Batten cars and / or links can be quoted at extra cost.

Non-standard hardware, including specialist head boards, headsail clew boards, luff detail, etc. are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

'Alini' on passage through the Solent

Maxi 38

Panel Map for Maxi1300 Spinnaker

First Class 8

Legend 30


Sigma 38

The Code Zero and its derivations.

Many modern cruising yachts have  large mainsail and minimal jib overlap. This can lead to disappointing performance in light airs with the wind forward of the beam.  Racing or cruising,  this is where a Code Zero really scores

Born originally in the world of long distance ocean racing this style of sail has developed into a sophisticated and versatile option for many yacht and mutihull owners.  Its very flat cut, huge overlap and bowsprit make for an almost unbelievably close-winded light airs headsail.

The big bonus for many is how well it works as a heavier-wind reaching sail that is so sasy to set and recover.

A ‘Code’  headsail is designed to roller-furl on its own luff. A modern continuous-line furling unit and an ant-twist luff torsion cable create an almost foolproof system that is reassuringly quick and simple to use. The materials are very special, a super-light, super-supple, super-strong laminate with a distinctive hi-tech ( frequently technora ) diagonal cross-bracing.

Our Code2 is a brillant development on this theme. Designed an the fullest Code-style  sail that will still furl well it has proved a great sail for some racing multihulls and a more verstile option for general yacht cruising.

Dick Batt commented  “All sail design involves an element of compromise.  With the Code2 we have definitely hit a sweet spot.”