This is the fastest all-round rig seen in the Swallow Class and has been well-proven in all conditions and at all levels of competition.

Winter 2018 seasonal prices:

MAINSAIL      ( White or grey tint laminate)       £ 887.24 inc VAT
JIB                  ( RSQ Dacron)                            £ 436.00 inc VAT
SPINNAKER   ( SK 75 Ripstop )                        £ 718 94 inc VAT

Free IHC Certification. 
Free delivery ( UK Mainland )

S82 Marengo wins the Swallow Nationals

We work hard to make our Swallow sails fast, attractive and increasingly good value for money. We have a long, successful track record in keelboats and our close association with the Itchenor Swallow fleet has resulted in an adaptable and exceptionally user-friendly rig.

Our Swallow mainsail uses Pentex laminate sailcloth to deliver stable shapes and extraordinary all-weather capability.  The RSQ Polykote Dacron jib has a radial head section and is easy to read, even in the most testing conditions. Bonded seams are the snag-free and leakproof foundation for the fast, adaptable and long-lasting spinnaker.

The mainsail is cut loose-footed to take advantage of the latest rules. The luff can easily be configured to accomodate a ‘Gnav’ kicker system. Swallow mainsails are available in classic white or the new grey-tint option. In both cases the sailcloth is the same specification of Pentex laminate

Spinnaker shapes have evolved to the current design which features a small radial head section to engineer the head loadings. This sail is as close as possible to maximum width but is nicely configured to take full advantage of the new, longer spinnaker pole, delivering great performance through the wind range.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of the design, specification or tuning.