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Expert sail repairs and alterations for any make, size or type of sail.

  • Same-week turn-round on sail repairs wherever possible
  • Take advantage of our sail inspection and cleaning service – typical turn-round of ten days.
  • Drop sails etc in to our Bosham sail loft, no appointment needed.
  • Open 08.30 to 17.00 every weekday and on some Saturday mornings ( check here)
  • Collection can be arranged from local clubs and marinas

Premium sail valeting service

  • Free inspection
  • Expert valet cleaning
  • Winter storage

Covers and Canvas

  • Sail covers, stackpacks and storage bags
  • Sprayhoods, cockpit enclosures, covers, biminis and dodgers etc


  • Genoa U. V. strip replacement
  • Revitalise frayed dodgers and sail covers
  • Replacing split or opaque sprayhood windows
  • Routine and general wear and tear
  • No minimum charge
  • Same week turn round where possible

Alterations and repairs

  • Sail profile adjustment to get a better fit on your boat
  • Sail shape check
  • Converting from hanked to roller headsails
  • Luff re-cut and modification
  • Converting mainsails to fully battened
  • Fitting extra mainsail reefs


Take the worry out of maintaining your sails with a free checkover

  • A comprehensive sail cleaning and repair service that includes nationwide collection and delivery if required
  • Collection from local marinas is free and part of the service. Please call for more details and to arrange collection
  • Your sails are logged in and get a FREE preliminary assessment. We report back to you with an estimate of the work and costs at this stage
  • Sails are laundered to remove salt, grime, mud and most other stains, using specialist equipment and cleaning agents before being hung up to dry in warm air
  • Once dry they are spread out on the loft floor for a thorough check in respect of seams, battens pockets, rings, hanks, slides, headboards and other general wear and tear. Routine repairs are carried out and charged on a set time + materials basis
  • We will consult with you about any items that demand more major attention
  • When they are ready for next season your sails are folded and carefully packed away for collection or delivery
  • Sails can be stored for next season free of charge.

Service work is undertaken and priced on a ‘materials and labour’ basis. The current labour rate for sail repairs, alterations and servicing work is GBP 55.80 + vat per man-hour and accounted for to the nearest minute. There is no minimum charge.

Substantial work beyond current instructions will be referred to the client for approval and estimated for as required. Sails and other materials are held and worked on at the owners risk.