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Batt Sails have always had a great relationship with the sailors of ‘classic’ boats, large and small, from yachts and gaffers,  to scows, racing dinghies and local dayboats.

Racing? We thrive on the success of our sails at all levels of competition.

Cruising? Smart, strong sails to make the most of her capabilities and charms. The perfect blend of classic looks and modern performance.

Batt sails come with a remarkable pedigree and our work for classic sailing boats draws on vast experience with a host of ‘one-offs’ of all sizes,  as well many traditional one-design classes..  Getting the sails right goes a long way to establishing the character of your boat.

The objective is an adaptable and user-friendly rig which is sympathetic to your boat, whether intended for racing or for cruising.

30 Sq Metre ' Glukahuf' racing in the Solent