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Coastal cruising, cruiser-racing or blue water voyaging? We have something really special to offer multihull owners of all kinds.

Batt Sails have a wealth of knowledge acquired over many years at the cutting edge of rig design. Every Batt sail is designed, cut and made at our Bosham sail loft offering service, value and attention to detail that are second to none.

Most multihull mainsails are fully battened, largely for efficiency in the apparent windspeeds and to support the designed roach profile. Laminate sailcloth, including cruising laminates, is warp-strong and demands a radial construction. The exception is multi-axial laminates made specifically for cross-cut designs.

Almost without exception Dacron mainsails and headsails are cross-cut, to make best use of the fabric’s structural weave.


Full-width battens are typically ‘BlueStreak’ vinylester for consistency and reliability.


Radial-laminated reinforcement at corners and reefs spread loads efficiently into the body of the sail.

All sails have leech lines and where appropriate, a foot line. Mainsail leech lines cleat at each reef.

Mainsails have leech telltails, headsails have luff telltails.

Furling genoas have reef markers. Foam luff and UV leech/foot protection are quoted separately.

Fully-battened mainsails are typically supplied fitted with appropriate luff batten boxes. Batten cars and / or links can be quoted at extra cost.

Non-standard hardware, including specialist head boards, headsail clew boards, luff detail, etc. are quoted on a case-by-case basis.