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‘Batt’ Squib sails:  Winning on the Water and Winning on Price


We’ve delivered sails to the new rules to both sides of the Irish sea!

They are supplied IHC signed and certified. Jibs have two collision windows and camber stripe as standard. Telltail windows can be fitted to order at no extra cost.

Mainsails have two collision windows and camber lines as the standard spec.  A spreader/jib leech vision window  variant is available on special order at no extra charge.

The crosscut spinnaker is standard, with a special price for single colour. The vertical cut spinnaker is the same price.

We are quoting a routine lead time of 2-3 weeks. Carriage is charged ‘at cost’. Sail prices are quoted assuming UK VAT.


  • SIMPLE ORDERING BY PHONE OR EMAIL( 50% Deposit, balance due on completion.)


MANUFACTURED IN THE U.K. to the tightest tolerances, replicating the current Championship winning designs.

Our superb crosscut spinnaker is ever more popular. Both sails are very close to the Class maximum in size and the vertical cut still has devotees throughout the fleet.
All seams are bonded. Stronger, air-tight and snag free. Better in every way and unique to Batt Sails.

All Squib sails from Batt Sails are delivered measured and RYA certified, ready to race.

The latest winning sail designs. Includes windows, crosscut or vertical cut spinnaker, all battens, numbers, telltails etc and lightweight sleeve bags.


Rudder cover                                 £55.30 + vat
Cockpit cover                                 £71.00 + vat
Rudder cover                                 £55.30 + vat
Padded Toestraps                          £73.75 + vat
Cockpit spinnaker bag                   £67.00 + vat
Tapered spin sheets (Continuous) £73.70 + vat
Vang sleeve                                    £14.77 + vat
Zipped furling jib sleeve                  £64.60 + vat


As ever, Batt sails continue to win on a regular basis on both sides of the Irish sea. Batt sails have been used to win all but three of the past eighteen UK Squib National Championships. A remarkable record.



Ric’o’Shea regains the UK Inland crown.

The UK Squib class rounded off the 2019 season in style  with a good attendance at the now-traditional Inland Championships season-closer on Rutland Water.

Super-light winds on Saturday gave way to a testing blustery breeze on Sunday. Six races in varied conditions saw the latest cut of Batt Sails heading the scoresheet  again with convincing first by  Davey Jones/Mark Hogan, in Ric’O’Shea and 2018 champions Alan Johnson and Dave Garlick fifth. Batt Sails’ dependable crosscut spinnaker achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.

Don’t forget the domination of  COWES WEEK 2019 results by Alex and Mark Downer in Panther3. Scoring four wins in five races they romped to brilliant victory in a week of testing conditions, powered all the way by the latest Batt Sails.


Sailing Squib 100 “Fagin” GORDON PATTERSON and ROSS NOLAN  dominated the 2019 Squib season in Ireland, winning the Irish Nationals at the Royal North, the Northern Irish Nationals in Killyleagh, the South Coast champs in Kinsale  and the East Coast champs in Howth. This all followed the 2018 Midland Champs on Dromineer at the end of last season. A clean sweep to be proud of.

Yet another impressive demonstration of the  winning potential in every Batt Sail, whatever the conditions.

We were also pleased to support the whole class by sponsoring the ‘at cost’ manufacturing of the free spinnakers for AQL for the 2018 UK Natonal Squib Championshipd at Cowes.