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Over the past four seasons Batt sails have proved a winning choice in the intensely competitive Salcombe Yawl fleet.
Working closely with Stones Boatyard the project hit the ground running, winning both fleets in the Salcombe Yacht Club regatta in our first year with the Yawl class.

At the time only three suits of Batt sails existed, yet the Yawls with these sails gained these two first fleet places overall and a second overall as well.

Since then many more Batt Sails have joined this intriguing fleet.

LATEST NEWS:  At both 2018 Bank holiday open weekends Batt Sails again made a clean sweep of the reults, winning both fleets each weekend, and packing the rest of the results.  In 2017 they topped the Yawl honours board in both Yacht Club Regatta fleets.