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The sail loft is very much back to normal working.  On-the water activity was  understandably frustrated in recent times and we had to pause some of the exciting development work under way at Batt Sails.

We pressed on behind closed doors with digital evaluation, programming and patterning  projects etc,

Since then we’re pleased to be right back on track with sail production and development.  Our popular SailCare service has also never been busier

Check out these examples of our continual R&D involvement.

An exciting project.  Just before sailing was restricted at the start of the European season we grabbed a chance to see the all-new Batt Sails 420 spinnaker put through its paces at a Warsash Sailing Club training weekend. All the signs are really good, with valuable feedback from the session  and regular use since then. A second prototype is in Santa Cruz for more proving with the US team. What a shame the World Championships in Italy had to be cancelled at the last minute.



The El Toro class is not well-known in Europe. It is a mainstay of youth sailing in many  regions of the United States and almost identical to Australia’s ubiquitous Sabot. Here is Kyra Phelan testing the latest ‘Batt’ sail for the El Toro in Santa Cruz.

Over the years Batt Sails have forged an enviable reputation in single-handers, including Optimist, OK Dinghy, British Moth, Solo, International Canoe and Contender. It’s been a real pleasure bringing this experience to bear so successfully in another keenly contested class.

The competition in the National Swallow Class has probably never been tougher. Batt Sails have enjoyed great success and populariity for many years but stern competition from some of the most prominent and capable One Design  sail lofts drives the need for constant improvement on many fronts.

The start of last season saw some subtle but significant mods to our evergreen spinnaker design and a more major assessment of the mainsail in the light of changes to the permitted materials. Our Swallow jib continues to be a winner in any conditions and we decided that ‘no change’ was the best decision.

Confidence in this work was reinforced by  Migrant’s dominant viciory at the  2022 National Championships hosted this year by Bembridge Sailing Club.