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The sail loft has been back to normal working but much on-the-water activity was delayed by the summer shut-down. Consequently we had to pause some of the exciting development work under way at Batt Sails.

We pressed on behind closed doors with digital evaluation, programming and patterning  projects etc, but muchof our time in the early summer was taken with creating PPE for charities, surgeries, care homes, home carers and other destinations all over the UK. This had to take precedence and we’re pleased to see that normal commersial suppliy lines are now largely established,

Check out these examples of the current work-in-progress.

This is an exciting project.  Just before sailing was restricted we grabbed a chance to see the all-new Batt Sails 420 spinnaker put through its paces at a Warsash Sailing Club training weekend. Early signs are really good, with valuable feedback from the session and a second prototype on its way to California for more proving when circumstances permit.



The El Toro class is not well-known in Europe. It is a mainstay of youth sailing in many  regions of the United States and almost identical to Australia’s ubiquitous Sabot. Here is Kyra Phelan testing the latest ‘Batt’ sail for the El Toro in Santa Cruz.

Over the years Batt Sails have forged an enviable reputation in single-handers, including Optimist, OK Dinghy, British Moth, Solo, International Canoe and Contender. It’s been a real pleasure bringing this experience to bear so successfully in another keenly contested class.

All the GBR International 14s that went to the recent Worlds in Perth are now safely home, but sadly grounded until further notice.

The latest Ovington project produced the new World Champion boat and here’s Andy Fitzgerald putting the new Batt Sails / C-Tek rig through its paces during a gruelling week’s sailing in fantastic condititons. The new rig is now well-proven, the chief areas of continuing interest are fine-tuning the sail profiles and some ground-breaking spinnaker constructions.