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‘Mikado’ has an enviable record on the Classic yacht racing scene, including a string of recent successes in the Solent and in the Scottish Fife regatta. She also fits in seasons of extended cruising on both sides of the Channel, all of which means that a lot is asked of her sails.

Built in 1904 she has had a busy life.

The brief for her new mainsail, all of fourteen years ago,  was that it should ‘look the part’ in keeping with her classic heritage, but with absolutely no compromise of performance.  Every element of the materials selection, cloth panel layout, corner reinforcements and other detailing speaks to this objective.

As these pictures show this sail has settled into its role beautifully and will give many more years of faithful service.

Since then a new ‘Solent’ jib and a light running spinnaker have been added to her racing sail inventory, keeping the  Batt Sails badge at the forefront of the UK Classic Yacht racing scene.



Yorkshire One Design
All our sail making is kept in-house for the closest control of quality and consistency.  Mikado’s sails are all designed on our 3D CAD system and are computer-cut at our sail loft for absolute precision.

Modern sail making with an enduring legacy.