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We are deeply committed to keeping our wonderful sport as sustainable as possible.

Every ‘Batt’ sail is designed, cut and made in the UK at our modern sail loft in Bosham, on the shores of Chichester Harbour.

Making sails close to our customer base, from materials sourced as locally as possible,  avoiding thousands of unnecessary airmiles and other shipping impacts.


'Alini' on passage through the Solent


Comparable sails at comparable prices are frequently made on the other side of the World, either for or by some of the more prominent UK-based companies, frequently using materials shipped or even air-freighted from Europe.

The finished product may well be air-freighted back into the UK to meet delivery promises.

Whatever the shipping arrangements, this represents a completely avoidable addition to the carbon footprint of our sport at a time when sustainability and protecting the environment are in such close focus.

You might like to ask some other sailmakers where the sails they sell in this country are actually made.

You might be quite surprised!