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” Things that the everyday folk leave behind,..”
The Wombling Song : Mike Batt )
When the COVID 19 crisis first hit the UK  we ( Batt Sails, that is )  responded really quickly to the call for quantities of PPE face protection by using materials and methods we found right here in the sail loft.   Even corrugated cardboard was being considered for one part but eventually not adopted.

The design brief I set was for it to be, affordable, durable, cleanable and most essentially,  available.

A lot of very important    “…..ables” !!

The slightly tenuous Wombles link crossed my mind when I found this old, old, clipping from the New Zealand Herald.

1977……. if I remembermembermember correctly……………….

In the past year the team here at Batt Sails is proud to have made and distributed thousands of high-grade visors to all corners of the UK on a not-for profit basis.

Dick Batt